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Our Team

Almost without exception our corporate clients comment on our ability to understand their complex and specialized employment needs, respond quickly to their concerns and questions, follow through on our commitments and be open and honest with them. We don’t try to “bend and flex” candidates to make them fit on employment opportunity. We try to ask the right questions in front to ensure that we fully appreciate and understand the kind of applicants our clients are specifically looking for. That’s why we do our best to screen all our candidates to ensure that we hit the mark the first time.

Our rewards are our satisfied clients. We are totally motivated and focused on helping our clients succeed in employing only the very best people and getting exceptional value for their money.

Similarly our job seekers comment on the professional and genuinely personal way in which they are treated whilst under our care. They acknowledge the lengths we go to in helping them to prepare for their interviews, the thoroughness of our research on the companies we represent, and our follow-up with themselves and their prospective employers after each interview. Being kept in the loop at all times is important to them. So too is our straight forward, sincere approach and the fact that we do exactly what we say. We will help our candidates to find the right job and fulfill their career goals.

More than Just Solutions!

Rasuwa Overseas prides us on being able to deliver the right candidate, for right job, time after time. By focusing on getting the right fit, not just with regard to person or job match, but also with regard to corporate culture and working environment, we are able to add value to your organization’s workforce. Rasuwa Overseas consultants are specialists in their area of expertise and pride themselves on their extensive knowledge and ability to source quality candidates.

Recruitment Choices….

As a progressive and innovative recruitment agency we can recruit staff in a variety of ways.

• Identification of candidates through specialized recruitment processes where by our consultants conceptualize, design and provide professional copy for any and all job specific advertising or marketing campaigns which can be like online media, radio and local,
national and specialized press;

• Contingency Recruitment -where we can offer you available candidates from our extensive database;

• “Executive Recruitment”- where we utilize a higher degree of industry knowl edge, partnership and executive networking together with more targeted advertising in specialized and national press and Medias.